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nektar candle

nektar candle

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Bourbon WoodA warm and woody heart of masculine cedarwood followed by alluring smokey dark leather and a burst of fresh citrus. Cedarwood + leather + mandarin

Island BloomA sparkling mix of island coconut enveloped in layers of sweet passionfruit and exotic lychee. Coco blossom + passionflower + lychee pearl

Caramel Sky Sweet white musk anchored by gourmand notes of smooth creamy chocolate and caramel with a slight peppery accord.  White musk + spice honey + pink peppercorn

Sea Foam A fresh aquatic accord of blue marine infused with the harmony of oakmoss, apple and crushed salt.  Oakmoss + water apple + marine salt

Small batch handcrafted in Australia | double wick | up to 75 hrs burn time | 380g

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