Our Stores

Flourish, a destination full of carefully sourced pieces from near and far, the Flourish favourites and Flourish Finds.

Spaces filled to the brim, overflowing with unique, beautiful, essential, ethical and one of a kind pieces that tell a tale and takes you on a journey.

We source all things of beauty, newly created and preloved objects, tantalising textiles that share the heart and history of the artists and makers from around the world. This inspires the desire to make a house feel like a home.

A treasure trove, A one stop shop, the dot .com destination full of the pieces you never knew you needed.


Ms Flourish

The creative mastermind

A collector and globetrotter who’s love for vintage, handmade pieces, retail and sourcing turned a vision into a concept and a business was born.

Always on the hunt for the next thing, whether it’s a destination or a must have item. Jackie’s love for scouring and delving deep into the unknown is what inspires her to find the next tale to tell.

Ms. Flourish Fact: Ms. Flourish is a jack of all trades!


Mr Flourish

The man behind the mastermind

The method to the madness, a partner in life as well as business, the final piece needed to complete the puzzle, Mr. Flourish, Robb. The calm amongst the storm, the man who makes it happen.

The mastermind behind the operations and logistics. His logistical mind, handyman skills and knowledge of antiques and history is an important element to the business, the final piece needed to complete the puzzle.

Mr. Flourish Fact: Mr. Flourish fancies himself as a Tetris genius and no we aren’t referring to video games!